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Sandhurst Lahure
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02/28/2008 01:03 AM: 15 minutes!
01/19/2008 01:25 AM: im just a man!:oD
12/22/2007 04:09 AM: aah..this if life!:oD
12/16/2007 08:11 AM: I should be asleep but yet here i am rambling urghh hehe
08/26/2007 10:13 AM: deleted part...and more bhakwash!hehe
08/16/2007 03:15 AM: can i whinge a bit here?
07/30/2007 05:53 AM: at last!im free!!
07/20/2007 01:48 PM: tra la la..
06/08/2007 07:39 AM: been quite a while(quite a fav phrase of mine?hehe)
05/18/2007 07:33 AM: life (2/too)....hehe
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am bored of the world..the world..the way it is society...why must we be part of it... why cant it be part of me(us)... do i make any sense? nah dun think so i do...will i ever? just wanna open up...be myself for once... but is there anyone who is listening? i shout..yet no one shall hear.. i cry...yet no one will see.. i lie...and ppl actually believes me ...tryiing to make sense of whats going on.. around the world..around me...in me.. well thats me..a freak which i always shall be...:o)
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